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What God is calling us to

(Vision and Strategy)

ReChurch. Re means to begin afresh, to be renewed. That is our hope and that is what we believe God has called us to be about. After a decade of dreaming God has opened the door for us to plant a church in our hometown to reach nearly a million people. 


We are planting in an 8-mile corridor around Post Falls, Idaho. As natives of the area, we love the culture, people, and life. We recognize the need. Our desire is to create a culture of relationships and gospel-presence that does life better together. We are a church helping people find and follow Jesus together in real life.


We believe God works in relationships one person at a time. Our prayer and plan is simple. We see this in Acts chapter 2, to mobilize a family on mission for life-changing community. 


That is what Jesus did, and that is why the early church made such an impact. God was alive in their lives—every part of their lives. So they lived and loved differently. 


There are five investments we want to make to ensure a healthy church:

  • Create a space and place to be real. Ask questions. Discover more. 

  • Engage in life-changing biblical community. We are better together. (Romans 12)

  • Each person pursues God passionately. We live in overflow. (John 15)

  • Each person is called to make a difference and model the way. Disciples making disciples. (Ephesians 2&4)

  • For one more. Like Jesus we will go after the one. Each one. (Luke 15, 1 Corinthians 9)

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