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Numbers can be confusing, so here's a simple look at our projected startup costs and the budget for our first three years.

Three Year Budget Needs
ReChurch Three Year Budget Graph.png
Second Year Budget Plan

Total Budget: $202,000


  • Personnel increases

  • Equipment for worship services

  • Rental fees

ReChurch First Year Budget Graph.png
First Year Budget Plan
Third Year Budget Plan

Total Budget: $235,000


  • Personnel increases

  • New planter training

  • Additional outreach

ReChurch Parnter Graph-2.png
2 Ways to Give
  • Text to Give: Text a dollar amount to 84321.

  • Click the Give button below to give online.


*This is a proposed timeline and budget with the understanding that church planting is milestone driven. The process will continue when milestones are met.

Team Building (September - December 2022)
  • Invite key families to join us in planting

  • Develop partners and financial support

  • Prayer walk and get to know the community

  • Start our first Community Group

  • Develop and publish digital tools

  • Invest in local networks and planter training

Team Development and Connections (January-April 2023)
  • Create greater awareness in our community of the church

  • Core team development

  • Bi-monthly church visit and debrief

  • Begin community-driven outreach and service events

  • Start our second Community Group

  • Develop Leadership pipeline and training

  • Develop local church partnerships

Prepare to Launch (May-August 2023)
  • Develop the plan for weekly worship services. Location, ministries, etc. 

  • Host at least three summer events with other churches (GO Teams)

  • Team leads and training

  • Summer Intern

  • Preview events and follow up

Launch and Development (September-December 2023)
  • Launch Weekly Worship Services

  • Develop “new to the neighborhood” process

  • Multiply Community Groups

  • Develop a leadership deployment strategy 

  • Key family ministry and follow strategy

Key goals for 2024
  • Ensure a healthy culture that does not get distracted

  • Everyday missionaries with BLESS and Acts 1:8 focus

  • Continue to tangibly love our city through service events, involvement, and outreach

  • Enhance our new to neighborhood process

  • Onboard new staff/interns

  • Start a church based leadership training. Future planters and elders

  • Family ministry development, outreach, and growth

  • Enhance weekend worship as well as key ministry developments

Key goals for 2025
  • Expand block parties and community impact/outreach events

  • Ensure vision alignment, enhance values

  • Partner with and send out a church planter

  • Establish elders

  • Multiply Community Groups and expand accountability 

  • Expand site/worship services. 

  • Expand network and cohort options

  • Develop and deploy our 10 in 10 strategy (10 new movements of God in 10 years)

Key goals for 2026
  • Be the key supporter for a second church planter

  • Be a hub for church health and training

  • Merge or building research

  • Develop Missional Partnerships

  • Ensure Outreach and Envangelism strategy

*A more detailed plan and process for outreach, discipleship, and leadership development is available upon request.

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