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Image by Filip Zrnzević

Who we are

Re is about renewal.  To dream about what can happen next. To rediscover relationships in our community and for our community. To respond to God and do life better together. 


We are a church for real life, asking questions, and discovering more. We want to teach the Bible in relevant and life-changing ways. We are asking what could happen if we took God at His word and followed Jesus fully? How would that change our lives, families, marriages, and community? How could that rekindle hope, healing, and joy?


We don’t have all the answers, but we do believe in authentic and vulnerable relationships. A place where it is okay to not be okay, and where we are willing to take risks. To live like Christ called His people to live. We are a church helping people find and follow Jesus together in real life.

There are five values we embrace:

  • Create a space and place to be real. Ask questions. Discover more. 

  • Engage in life-changing biblical community. We are better together. (Romans 12)

  • Each person pursues God passionately. We live in overflow. (John 15)

  • Each person is called to make a difference and model the way. Disciples making disciples. (Ephesians 2&4)

  • For one more. Like Jesus we will go after the one. Each one. (Luke 15, 1 Corinthians 9)

Meet Dan and Morgan

Lead Pastor and Planter

Years ago, we had a dream of planting a church in our hometown. We are so excited to here and what God has next, not only for us, but this whole community. 


Whether you have had a good church experience, no experience, or even a bad one (we have too). We want to do life better together; the way Jesus describes it. 


Dan and Morgan have been married since 2000, have four amazing kids, and been in ministry together for over 20 years. In that time, Dan has been a senior pastor since 2008, and prior to that a youth pastor. He has two master's degrees, the second one in church planting and renewal (Dallas Seminary and Liberty Seminary).


Along with raising their four kids and ministering alongside Dan, Morgan is an award-winning Christian Fiction author who loves to tell stories about God’s love and grace. 


Together, Dan and Morgan are affirmed and supported by NAMB’s SEND Network and Northwest Church Planting, and are being sent by Impact Church of Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

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