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What's happening next?

“We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too.” 1 Thessalonians 2:8 NLT


Because we are doing things a little different, we are building teams and initially gathering as smaller groups. 


As we connect and do life together, we will reach out to a couple of key neighborhoods in Post Falls and possibly Liberty Lake. 


Check back for specific events, or you can sign up for one of our Community Groups and Serve Teams. 


Check this page to also find out what other events are happening starting in 2023.


*This is a proposed timeline and budget with the understanding that church planting is milestone driven. The process will continue when milestones are met.

Team Building

September - December 2022

  • Invite key families to join us in planting

  • Develop partners and financial support

  • Prayer walk and get to know the community

  • Start our first Community Group

  • Develop and publish digital tools

  • Invest in local networks and planter training

Team Development and Connections

January - April 2023

  • Create greater awareness in our community of the church

  • Core team development

  • Bi-monthly church visit and debrief

  • Begin community-driven outreach and service events

  • Start our second Community Group

  • Develop Leadership pipeline and training

  • Develop local church partnerships

Prepare to Launch

May - August 2023

  • Develop the plan for weekly worship services. Location, ministries, etc. 

  • Host at least three summer events with other churches (GO Teams)

  • Team leads and training

  • Summer Intern

  • Preview events and follow up

Launch and Development

September - December 2023

  • Launch Weekly Worship Services

  • Develop “new to the neighborhood” process

  • Multiply Community Groups

  • Develop a leadership deployment strategy 

  • Key family ministry and follow strategy

Key Goals for 2024

  • Ensure a healthy culture that does not get distracted

  • Everyday missionaries with BLESS and Acts 1:8 focus

  • Continue to tangibly love our city through service events, involvement, and outreach

  • Enhance our new to neighborhood process

  • Onboard new staff/interns

  • Start a church based leadership training. Future planters and elders

  • Family ministry development, outreach, and growth

  • Enhance weekend worship as well as key ministry developments

Key Goals for 2025

  • Expand block parties and community impact/outreach events

  • Ensure vision alignment, enhance values

  • Partner with and send out a church planter

  • Establish elders

  • Multiply Community Groups and expand accountability 

  • Expand site/worship services. 

  • Expand network and cohort options

  • Develop and deploy our 10 in 10 strategy (10 new movements of God in 10 years)

Key Goals for 2026

  • Be the key supporter for a second church planter

  • Be a hub for church health and training

  • Merge or building research

  • Develop Missional Partnerships

  • Ensure Outreach and Envangelism strategy

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